What should you do if you are driving during a tornado?

DRIVING in awful climate can vary from inconvenient to downright harmful.

If you end up on the street during an energetic twister, you’ll must observe sure steps to guard your wellbeing.

A research vehicle plunges down the road ahead of the tornado to deploy scientific instruments.


A analysis car plunges down the street forward of the twister to deploy scientific devices.Credit score: Getty

How should you drive during a twister?

Drivers near a twister shouldn’t try to outrun the funnel cloud.

If a twister is close to, pull your car over, duck down under your home windows, and maintain your seatbelt fixed, Geico studies.

Inserting blankets or cushions over your head will provide further safety when taking cowl in your automobile.

You should solely drive away from a twister if the whirlwind is distant.

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Touring at a proper angle away from a twister’s path is the very best most secure path to maneuver, in response to Geico.

Preserve a watch out for strong buildings to take shelter in as you drive away from this climate hazard.

Fortified buildings like dwelling basements, financial institution vaults, and restaurant freezers are your greatest type of safety towards a twister’s path.

Laying in a low-placed ditch close to a street is your subsequent most suitable choice if these buildings aren’t accessible.

It’s not advisable to hunt shelter from a twister beneath a bridge.

Drivers taking refuge beneath a bridge have little safety from flying particles and may trigger visitors jams, Storm Prediction Heart studies.

What should you do after a twister passes?

Essentially the most important post-tornado hazard to keep away from is particles.

Keep away from getting into any buildings with structural injury and going close to broken energy strains.

Buildings with broken buildings can collapse, and broken energy strains can stay dwell after taking place.

Heavy rain often veils a tornado from long-distance visibility


Heavy rain typically veils a twister from long-distance visibilityCredit score: Alamy

What are the indicators of a twister?

Realizing the indicators of a twister permits you to remain alert and reply promptly.

Storm Prediction Heart studies widespread indications of a twister as:

  • Sturdy and steady cloud base rotations
  • Whirling mud or particles beneath a cloud base
  • A decreasing cloud base illuminated by lightning
  • Hail or heavy rain adopted by a calm or radical wind shift
  • Floor degree flashes as a result of stripped energy strains
  • Persistent roaring or rumbling

The roaring or rumbling sound from a twister will sound like an approaching freight practice, in response to Geico.

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